Web Design 

Project: Zoex Corporation Website Redesign

Role: Web designer, content creator

Zoex Corporation is a scientific company that supplies chemical separation technology. The main objective of this project was to better communicate the scope and impact that Zoex equipment has had throughout the scientific community through a new website. Using agile project methodology, I collaborated with clients to divide the site launch into phases, prioritizing essential content and functionality requirements first.

Phase 1 of the website is currently live, while new features are developed for phase 2 which will include downloadable product information and a user-friendly digital library of peer-reviewed scientific studies that employed Zoex solutions.

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1. Strategy

We schedule a meeting and discuss your organization's needs and requirements for a website.


We outline the needs of your website users along with your needs as the client.


I create a sitemap of the pages you will need to meet the requirements identified.

4. wireframes + Visual mockups

I create wireframes to represent the general layout that the site will have. Following that, I will create a branded visual mockup that will give you a feel for how the finished product will look.



With our plans as a reference, I begin creating webpages and testing their usability either from within a subdomain or on the production domain in draft mode. (We will distinguish which tactic to use during the strategy phase.)


Upon approval of the design, we go live. If domain migrations are involved, this process should be given a buffer of a day or so to allow time for troubleshooting, permalink testing, etc.

What does the design process look like?

Every project is unique and the right approach to take can vary depending on your organization's unique circumstances. But in general I find that following these steps sets the stage for success: