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As a visual storyteller and web designer, I am equal parts pragmatic and artistic. I think that aesthetic quality, impactful messaging and technical usability are indispensable assets of any project, and I hold myself to a high standard on all fronts.


My educational background in journalism and international studies led me to become a digital nomad before we even had a word for it, which has given me first hand experience with many global issues. I have extensive living and working experience in North America, East Africa and Central America. I’m fluent in English and Spanish, and know 4 words in Portuguese. I soon hope to make it 5. I’m also in a small club of people who actually like Zoom and am always comfortable adopting other applications my clients use for their remote teams.


I have over a decade of experience in project management, design and multimedia production

(from scientific websites to award-winning documentary films) and all of my work been carried out in either educational, scientific or nonprofit spaces.


I’m enthusiastic about many issues, but am especially passionate and knowledgeable about the following:

  • International land defense (with a high degree of knowledge about Latin America)

  • Gender equity

  • Conservation

  • Environmental justice

  • Equity in education

  • Immigration

  • Freedom of the press


Getting to creatively promote important causes alongside change makers from around the world is, above all, what gets me up every day. (And sometimes at 2 AM - when the Zoom call involves a mix of time zones.)